Puppy stuff

To blog or not to blog. The answer for now is yes, do it!

I have a new puppy. Writing about him will inspire or force me, as the case my be, to record some activities with him as he grows up. He is 9 weeks old today. He has been on an airplane ride from Los Angeles, a few car rides for social animal-human activities, & slept overnight with me in my new RV. The cool new rig in my driveway was bought in many ways for the purpose of being able to spend time with him this summer while he is growing up.


This puppy does not yet have a name. I have been trying out many and have settled on none. The latest is Jute. Also on the short list are Jeep, Skate, Saint, Stoke, Gates, Yates, Beck, Nick. The long list is well….long.

Here is one of my favorite photos of the 100 taken this week.pup,ball crop

Choosing my pup

This is the first pup that I have picked out myself in almost 14 years. Riot will be 14 in August. I had first pick of her litter and luckily I was “steered” by friends in the right direction and Riot has been a big part of my life ever since. Wicked is two years younger than Riot, but she was picked for me and shipped from England. Panic followed her arrival  three years later. Laura Manchester/Derrett and myself were shipped two boys from Chicago and I picked from the two of them. I chose him because he had the cutest spots! But again I did not get to see the entire litter and choose from among the group. Ace came next and he was the only black and white. He was the only pup not picked, not to say he was last, just that he was unspoken for, and so Stephanie convinced me I needed him and brought him to me when he was 8 weeks old. Jack, my youngest agility dog is five years old. He is a sheltie and was picked out for me by Wendy Pape from his breeder who is located in Florida.

The future’s so bright!

I love my puppy and am having so much fun with him. I have lots of fun training ideas to share and stories about all his antics. The next post I will tell you what we have been up to this first week and tell you how he has learned to retrieve, and stopped attacking my ankles. Till then, I hope you are having as much fun with your dogs as I am having with my new puppy.



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  1. Congrats on the new pup Nancy…. and welcome to the land of Born Free’s…. I absolutely love mine and it’s a wonderful relaxed setting for the dogs at trials. Enjoy!

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