Chicken or the Egg

Which came first the chicken or the egg? In dog training which comes first; teaching the release from a position or place, or the position/place? I teach the release word first. Before I teach my dog to stay in the crate or to do a sit or down I want a behavior that means the pup is finished and should move my direction. I want the positions or place training to have a specific end.

I have changed slightly now how I teach a release word to my pup. Since my release (ok, break, all done, that’ll do) ends the behavior and also brings the dog directly to me, I decided just to teach the release right now as a recall. When my pup is looking elsewhere I say “break” and then click when he turns and looks at me. He runs to me to get the treat or have a game of tug. This method seems to have worked fast and is simple to teach. 

No name puppy understands just a few words and those are mostly situational, meaning that I don’t think I could demonstrate them in new environments 100% of the time:

  • Hurry up- potty cue
  • sit
  • break
  • kennel-up- get into the crate
  • get-it- get the toy on retrieve or tug
  • He also responds to Jeep, and Jute for recalls. (poor no name puppy!)

Today my puppy watched an agility foundation class. Because he learned to chase a soccer ball all around the field before the class began, he was an exhausted angel in the ex-pen the entire class, snoozing the entire 90 minutes. Good puppy!!!!IMG_9029

 Hope you are enjoying your puppy as much as I am mine!



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  1. Jeep and Jute are both good names. Even if you think of something else. The “J” thing seems like a positive direction since he is responding to the recalls. Can’t wait to see what you decide. It is fun to watch your progress 🙂

  2. Jeep and I would love to pass on her name to such a worthy pup! Congrats on the new edition and enjoy the ride. After all, titles mean nothing it’s the relationship that means the world.

    Katie & Jeep
    2004 WT Members
    ’08 ’09 EO WT Members

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