Dog show socializing

No he still does not have a name, but I had lots of fun with him over the weekend at a 4 day AKC trial. No social gathering was complete without an hour or two of obsessing on what his name will be. Everyone loved him and he loved everyone back.  He met some lively puppies to play with and a score of friends played tug, retrieve and interacted with him. No fear of anything, just balanced and happy.

New short list of names: Salute,Puma,Prize, Slate,Force, True, Trulio, Best,Trend,Jockey,Rookie,Ignite,Sketch, Pi and of course Jute.

Crate training went sort of backwards at the trial, there was just too many times that I had to put him in his cage and run off to course build or walk a course. Broke all the rules of not training something well enough before I needed to use it, and another rule breaker, train it now, don’t put it off. I have never been one to say, “I will let that slide and fix it later”. When I see issues I usually train them right then and there.  I saved the best meaty bones to give him when I left him alone in his cage, but still by the end of the weekend he was less than willing to jump into his cage unless I was sitting down with clicker and cookies in hand, and he had a very hard time not busting out into my lap when I opened the cage door. Today he was great though, happily getting in and out, waiting for a release when the door opened and playing tug or retrieve after I said “break”. Guess he will forgive me for rushing it on the weekend.

He played with everyone he met and learned new things everyday. He is quite verbal, picking up verbal cues as quickly as any dog I have trained. He knows sit,down, break, get it (the toy), kennel-up, feet (put your front feet on something like a little stool) and is walking well on leash now without attacking my feet.  He also has a great recall with a variety of names. We have other skills in progress, but the ones we have worked on hardest are above. He cuddles especially well after long recalls at mach speed across the field. Here’s a couple pictures from the show, my favorite is sleeping in the chair after a busy afternoon. I love my puppy!