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Here’s the Scoop!Scoop head,11 weeks







Yep, that is his name, SCOOP!

After a three week hunt through myriad pages in the thesaurus, reading through 11,000 names in the isds border collie registry, and searching lists of nouns, adverbs, and adjectives I finally found his name. There are probably other dogs with his name, but none I have met or read about, so I am happy he has an individualistic kind of moniker.

He is 11 weeks old today and now that he has a name I can come back to this blog and write about him instead of hide from friends and students and their admonishing tones. Mary Van Wormer yelled at me, you can’t call him NNP forever! Someone actually suggested he should be called Voldemort, “He Who Shall Not Be Named”. Sad.

Oh well, the search is finished and the scoop about Scoop is that he likes his name and so do I.



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  1. Love the name and he is such a cutie. I’ve got a new BC puppy, Venture, who is just a little bit older than Scoop. Your new blog comes at a perfect time for us plus I’m referring back to your CR articles when Jim’s puppy was growing up.

    And yes, I am having a ton of fun training him.

    Venita Quella w/Keeper, Nop, & Venture in Oregon

  2. Voldemort! LOL! Very clever but hard to get out on the agility field at high rates of speed.

    Nancy, I have changed your settings regarding comments on your blogs. Hope it’s what you want now.

  3. Great name Nancy! I am looking forward to reading your posts here as Scoop grows up. Thanks for sharing this with all of us. Almost makes me wish I had a pup to follow along with in the training…except that we can not fit another dog into the Suburban!

  4. Thanks for the “Scoop”. I have been following your Blog about Scoop with great interest because I might be getting a border collie puppy, my first, this summer.

    Keep the updates coming.

    Lincoln, NE

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