The witching hour

At about 8 pm each night my puppy turns into a beast. A biting, crazed monster puppy. One that is either hungry, or tired, or wired, or just plain crazed.  Restrained recalls to bleed off the extra energy don’t work as when he is coming in on the recall at mach speed, he is coming for a taste of my shin or a hunk of my pants, forget the high value cookie and the favorite tug toy.

I would be ready to commit hari kari if this behavior had not lessened measurable each day he has been home with me. Actually the first few days his need to bite was an all day occurence which quickly turned into a AM/PM sort of behavior. Dogs are crepuscular, active at dawn & dusk, if he was in the wild I guess he would go hunt some meat for breakfast and dinner. But since I feed him very well I wish he would not nibble on my knees!

Tonight we took a 1/2 mile walk at dusk. I had his dinner in my pockets, and he had been exercised on hour earlier. He did the entire walk at my side without a single attack of my ankles. We had a little setback once we were back to the house when he got excited, but I stopped moving, stood totally still not saying a word, and after a few seconds he decided my feet were not that interesting.  I walked on after the little timeout and he walked nicely at my side. A huge success.

Scoop of the day

Every day when I teach I take Scoop to the field with me. He is in an ex-pen and I put his treat n train in the pen with him. The remote control works from at least 100 feet away so I am able to remotely reward him for hanging out, and not barking. I love this machine I got from Sharper Image a few years ago. They sell them now I belive under the brand name Manners Minder.

I also place the treat n train on the top of Scoop’s wire cage, and the kibble can drop directly down into the cage to him. I love to use it as I am leaving the room, when he is apt to bark or whine a bit. I pretend to leave, hit the button to release a piece of kibble, come back leave again, hit the remote and duck around the corner for few seconds and repeat. Each time I wait a bit longer before reinforcing him. He still often makes a few verbal comments about my departure, but the wonderful food machine is a great aid.Scoop trt n trn






Here he is on his little stool. My photos are not nearly as nice as the professional ones Marcy takes of him. Think it is time to work on those ears:) 

Scoop cropstool

I LOVE my puppy!  Hope you love your little vampire as much as I love mine.  



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  1. Scoop is adorable, can’t wait to see him at Lisa’s this weekend! I have a 13 week old pup, Cash, who is a pup from the amazing standard poodle “Tia.” Lisa M turned me on to your blog last week. It has been a great help along with your Spy Kids articles.

    Congrats on the awesome name, See ya soon
    Pam Inkrote, Sydney and Cash

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