Scoop’s new do

Scoop crop flowers













 Yesterday Scoop got a new “do”. With yarn and glue and lots of cookies he went from flop eared to  tipped eared in just minutes.  There was lots of glue on me and in places on him that there should not have not have been, but we got through it without trauma. At the end he did not even scratch his head. Funny that he did not even seem to notice his ears had changed locations. I think he looks very cute and I hope the  ears “set” as they should. I really should have started weeks ago, I was hoping for a miracle of perfect ears without effort, but it was not to be.

Marcy took some cute photos of him yesterday on his little training box. He is so smart I know that I could teach him an entirely new behavior each day if I had the time and if he could eat 5 pounds of cookies each day instead of the one cup which is parceled out for training. Scoop table standScoop table front end









 He will be 12 weeks old in 3 days. He is 14.5 inches tall and weighs 18 pounds! This post is short, I wrote a long, long one earlier today but lost it in cyberspace. Funny that it doesn’t seem as interesting writing it a second time in one day:) More later, for now hope you are enjoying training your pup as much as I am enjoying mine.



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  1. Hi Nancy – Scoop is great name for your little guy. He’s so cute!! Your puppy blog is a great read. Sorry to hear you lost your earlier (longer) post – I hate it when that happens.

  2. Oh Nancy, Scoop (good choice) is just so cute and I can tell you are already having a ball! I love the photos and training notes as you go. I do look forward to more to come…

    Hope you bring him up with you in July:-)

  3. Cute photo in the flowers! So sorry you lost that post; I have the same reaction that you do when something disappears that I’ve put a lot of effort into–“the heck with it anyway!”

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