A day in the life

Scoop had a busy day yesterday. It started like almost every other…around 6 AM I get up and on my way to his cage I hit the start button on the coffee maker:) then I grab a small handful of his kibble. He gets a few pieces for staying in the cage when I open the door, then he gets one when he jumps out after I say break. I snap on his leash after saying put on your leash, yet another piece of kibble reward. We go outside to potty and that usually takes about one minute and he gets rewards for  hurry-up. After we come back inside I will train something for a few minutes while waiting for the coffee to finish. He likes to share my banana so sometimes he does stuff to earn bits of my morning fruit. We do crate training, or positions, or recalls. Sometimes I just let him climb into a low drawer in the kitchen that holds all the toys. He loves to jump in and he grabs something different almost every time. He rummages around the toys and then usually drags something out. Sometimes I sit on the floor next to the drawer and play tug or retrieve for a while. AFTER I drink my coffee we decide what else to train. Sometimes it is new stuff, sometimes just working on what he already knows. Yesterday we worked down to stand, left and right, and X-pen training. He spends some time each day in the pen. I usually use a short 18 inch high one so that he is learning to stay in a short pen. It is more about perimeter training, as he could easily climb/jump out of the little pen.

I don’t like him to be in a cage too many hours each day. 8 hours at night and an hour here and there during the daytime is ok. The pen is in the living room and he can hang out there and enjoy a raw meaty bone if he cannot be with me while teaching in the field.

Yesterday morning we went to the vet to get blood work done on Panic. Scoop went along and went into the office to say hi and play on the scales. He hopped right up, the techs were impressed I am sure:). We played tug and he did sits and downs around the waiting room. Afterwards we took a walk around the business complex to look for new people and places to visit. He was just perfect.

Channon Fosty, Marcy Mantell, Ashley Deacon and Sylvina Bruera came over to run courses in the afternoon and he got to play with Channon’s puppy while we course built. He decided he could not be quiet when I was running courses however, even though we used the Treat n Train, so back to the house he went.

He is getting more excited about watching agility, and if I am in the field with him in close proximity to handlers running, I need to keep him very interested in training with treats and in toy play. If I disengage from him he is quite willing to scream in excitement. If I am teaching he seems to be able to stay quiet if he is at the opposite end of the field and I have the remote to reward him with the TnT in his X-pen.

We had a few more training/play sessions in the field before the day was over, doing tug and retrieve and playing on his training box. We were busy but had lots of fun, and he was sound asleep at 9 PM.

He is a great sleeper thank goodness. I love to play and train with him, but also really like to see him hit the sack at night. This morning we started training leave it and I will tell you all about that next time.

Hope you are having as much fun with your pup as I am mine.



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  1. Hi pam,

    We buy bones at the pet store which are probably beef or mutton. They are cut about 4 inches in length and look like a piece of a leg bone, filled with marrow which is what the dogs want to clean out.
    I LOVE the Tap Rock!


  2. So a raw meaty bone is the trick! Do you just get a beef bone from the grocery store?

    Just love your posts, such great ideas to help me with my little monster, Cash.

    Thanks for a great weekend at Lisa’s, isn’t Tap Rock a great restaurant?

    Pam Syd and Cash

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