On the town

We have had a busy and fun weekend. Friday night I convinced my husband Jim that I had to take Scoop out on the town for some social networking. I suggested that my favorite restaurant where you can sit outdoors in a busy shopping shopping district would be the perfect spot to eat and let Scoop experience the scene. Jim was convinced only because they have his favorite pommes frites at this local eatery. We packed up Scoop and all his accoutrements and hit the streets at Santana Row, doing some window shopping before landing at Left Bank for dinner. Scoop was really good in town, his only fault being that he might have tried to say hi too enthusiastically at times to some of the new people he met on the way. I decided to take along a fresh raw marrow bone to entertain him if necessary while we ate. Maybe this was a bit unorthodox, but he laid under my chair at dinner and quietly chewed on his bone. The restaurant staff was none the wiser, and only a couple of the patrons noticed him and his bone. I luckily got a thumbs up from all of them.

Scoop,Left bank 15 wks 006










Scoop,Left bank 15 wks 011


Scoop,Left bank 15 wks 038

Scoop’s breeder, my friend Stephanie Spyr was here this weekend and we spent hours training and playing with our pups. Since Saturday afternoon was a stinking hot 95 degrees here, we headed off to Starbucks for iced coffees and the pups went along with us. Funny how all my socializing this weekend revolved around coffee and food. Steph walked them around the area while I retrieved coffees, then Scoop and his sister played and hung out with us while we sat on the sidewalk under a shady umbrella sipping our bevs. Families and noisy teenagers wandered by while the dogs hung out watching the goings on. A nice afternoon break for dogs and humans. Since I live and work on a quiet country road, surrounded by fields instead of homes and businesses, I like to find any excuse to take Scoop down the hill to visit. The only thing that has really bothered him a couple weeks ago was a group of kids on state boards. He was not interested in playing tug with me when we were in their vicinity, so I still have some homework to do in acclimating him to those kinds of activities. We will take it slow, one skateboard at a time. I am already thinking that Sunday afternoon at a local park might be just the ticket to find some noisy kid sports to watch with Scoop. Wonder if there will be a Starbucks close…….

I am having a fun weekend with my pup, hope you are having a great one with yours!