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Dog familiy that is! Stephanie Spyr and Geri Hernandez were here over the last few days to train with their puppies. Keeper is Scoop’s littermate sister, and Geri’s pup Motive is a sister from the repeat breeding. We trained and trained and had many short sessions over the last few days. We did alphabet drills, B, M, O, P and did some fun tunnel training. A week ago was the first time I had done a full double box (letter B) and it was so nice to take the time to run through so many basic drills with him again. I have lots of little handling holes and know my homework for the near future in the jumping handling department.

Scoop hasn’t been exposed to pulls to the “wrong end”  of a tunnel or proofed to follow my shoulders and feet to the correct end.  You will see below some of the curved tunnel drills and one of the setups for the straight tunnel drills. I am not happy with the quality of these CRCD files which I converted to GIF to insert here. I tired copying them as bitmaps into a word file, and then changing that to a pdf, but I can’t insert pdf’s into the body of this post. Hmmm, anyone have any good ideas? Hope you can read them, and if you can, have fun training on these simple setups.   NJG


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  1. Hi Nancy,

    We have had good luck copying the CRCD course image to PaintNet (free software – Google it) and converting to another file format. Only 2-3 mouse clicks and its done.

    -Joan K

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