busy boy

Scoop has been busy getting trained, and I have been the busy trainer following him from one field and one obstacle to the next.  Let’s see…. I need to teach weave entries and exits, oh, and the middle parts too! We need a full size teeter to magically get itself trained this month….if it would so please the work and agility and family gods to cut me some slack so I have the time free to train!

Scoop would love to run a big aframe as well and this week he will get the chance. We now own or have access to rubberized contacts. Our dog walk which has rubber AND electronic contact zones is up and ready to use. The electronic part is not hooked up yet, but that is soon to come. I have been waiting to raise Scoop’s frame until we had rubber, since I really think he may perform differently on it, and today is the day we will try it for the first time.

Yesterday I back-chained the rubber DW a few times and since all went well I tried the full length a few times. It is so quiet I can’t hear what he is doing on it, certainly not all gonzo scrambling or he would have been much slower, rather than beating me to the bottom which is what he did, while almost doing a handstand to nose touch his target instead of come off the end of the board. COOL!!

Morning afternoon and evening weaves are my real obsession now though. I think I might have gotten inspired to get er done now after reading team small dog blog and my friend Maureen Robinson’s blog talking about her breast cancer. Might be easy to sit around and pout not having the ability to cure Maureen, or be as funny as Laura H of teamsmalldog, but instead I am going to pretend to be launched into training activity which I know how to do, but life seems to keep postponing.

Scoop looked like he one-footed his channel weaves this morning, praise be to dog. I have clicker trained  6 poles in a lot of different ways very sporadically over the last 5 months, starting with 2’s at speed and adding on. But Scoop moves slowly and deliberately and seems to watch the base of the weaves while not exactly on the correct leading leg while doing this. I hate it. I am going to absolutely stick with my channels now (Michelon weaves), no wires or pens, I took them off last month before we had the 2 week break for kennel cough, and the next two week break for hormone reduction therapy, otherwise known as neutering.

Yes, Scoop is an IT now. He looks like his same boyish self, but without the chattering teeth and sniffy nose on the ground after passing  by some delectable girl dog pee. Thank goodness for vet surgeons, I didn’t really want to cut them with my rusty knife, even though I threatened same.

Back to weaving….



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  1. Funny about the chattering teeth–Jake never got over it, apparently, even though he was neutered. I had never seen or heard of that behavior before he started doing it one day (up at Power Paws!) and fortunately someone was standing nearby to explain that, no, he wasn’t having some kind of weird seizure. He did it off and on through the years. Hope Scoop adjusts better to his new more focused life.

  2. Hi Nancy, could you please explain a little more about the electronic contact zones? i don’t think i have heard of this before, TIA Sue.

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