when it’s a hundred

…outside, we turn on the AC and hang out in the office. Scoop and his bone, me and my work. Notice the unopened rosetta stone-learn-german-in-3-days sitting right next to the clean run mags. Like to say I have opened that package more than once the last few months,  sorry Ingrid, we will have to learn French instead for next years trip to the agility world championships. Or maybe we could just speak German to the French?

Scoop did his weaves at 7ish this morning, then we retired for cooler climes. Maybe more weaving and DW’s later tonight when it is predicted to cool off to a nice pleasant 80 degrees.



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  1. You should be fine without German unless you really want to learn a couple of words — or just bring along a phrasebook that helps with menu items. best, Jeanine

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