World Championships

Scoop and I got in half a dozen sets of weaves this morning, and I will do a few more before I get in the car and head to the airport. Next weekend the Agility World Championships are being held in Rieden Germany and I will be gone 10 days starting today. I look forward to the day that Scoop and I will be traveling together to compete internationally. There is absolutely no agility challenge more incredible than being able to represent your country and your agility community in one of the various international agility competitions!

We have a great 2010 Team and you can read all about it on our US Agility Team site,

If you want to get inspired click the button and watch the show that team member Daisy Peel put together.

If you are adequately inspired, you could say thanks with your checkbook. The AKC Team takes donations all year round to cover all the extra expenses for the Team. Don’t send us any money if you haven’t yet contributed to a good human cause this year, like Haiti or Pakistan. There are so many wonderful charities and causes in this world, and if I didn’t send a bit of money here and there when I feel insipired by disasters or tragedies I could not sleep as easily at night. But if you have a little disposable money that can support OUR agility cause, and help send a team each year to Europe and at the same time help me keep my wonderful coaching job with AKC:) you could write a check to the AKC/USA World Team and mail to 10711 Crothers Road, San Jose, CA 95127. 

I hope you are thinking as many competitive thoughts and international dreams for your puppy as I am for mine.


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  1. Nancy–

    is there any way to be able to download the video or just the audio onto an ipod?

    it would be awesome to be out walking a course and listening to this track play!

    I hope you have a very safe trip overseas and BEST OF LUCK to our USA team!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Is it okay if I send this on to the GVDC club? They would love it!! Thanks, and may great skill and luck ride on your shoulder!
    Chris Carney

    • Chris of course you could send the link to anyone you like, to use the video on a site I need to confirm with Daisy.
      Thanks for asking, glad you liked it! NJG

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