chicken and the egg

World Championships are over and I am effectively home now for a month. The event was exciting and exhausting. Come Sunday evening after Worlds I get punchy tired, and nothing fixes it except a few days rest which I rarely take. So I am limping along with a head cold that passed like a epidemic through the team while we were in Germany. And now the virtual limp is a real limp after I strained or tore some facia in my foot on Saturday. I need to get in shape so I can get in shape. Chicken/egg syndrome or just catch 22? I recently read that it is scientifically proven now that the chicken came first.  A protein created inside the chicken creates the egg. So without that, no egg. So many life questions could be asked using chicken/egg philospohy.

The star of the USA  World Team this year was John Nys, running Paulette Swatzendruber’s  sheltie “Rush”. It is rare for a newbie to have a couple clean runs their first time at Worlds, John was 4/4 with Rush and he took home the Silver Medal for Individual Medium. A huge unmeasurable feat! Where did he get the confidence, the determination and the focus? It often comes with experience paired with training. Where did John find the “egg protein” to put it all together? And he isn’t running a slower push button dog. Rush is fast and exciting and you gotta hang onto the turns like driving a race car 100 miles an hour on mountain roads. Rush’s owner Paulette was happily there to cheer them on. A bittersweet memory for her and all of us, as the reason Paulette did not try out for team was heath related, and we are sure glad it did not keep her from the event.

The USA Team was incredible. So many great runs. Here is a little bit of what we accomplished:

Silver medalist- John & Rush, Individual  (Combined score of Medium Individual jumping and Standard Agility)

2nd place Small Dog Team Jumping (all three team members scores combined) Marcy & Wave, Dee Anna & Kelsi, and Heidi and Ice

2nd place Large dog Team Agility, Channan & Icon, Ann Braue & Scream & Terry Smorch & Presto

2nd Place, John & Rush, Team Medium Jumping

2nd place Marcy & Wave, Team Small Jumping

2nd place Marcy & Wave, Team Small Agility

3rd place Channan & Icon, Team Agility Large dog

3rd place John & Rush, Medium Agility Individual

3rd place Daisy Peel and Sola,r Large Dog Agility

4th place Dee Anna  & Kelsi , Team Small Agility

4th place medium team jumping, John & Rush, Karen Holik & Sizzle, Maureen Waldron & Mickle

5th place John & Rush, Medium Individual Jumping

6th place Daisy & Solar, Large Dog Combined

7th place Marcy & Wave, Small Individual Jumping

Congratulations to all the team and thanks to all the supporters and partners and spouses and trainers who helped get us to the podiums this year!

I dragged my un-recovered self to a USDAA trial last weekend. Ace and I had a great start on Saturday with Q’s in pairs, gamblers,  and a win in round one steeplechase. Ace was especially good in Steeplechase because between obstacle 18 & 20 I pulled something in my foot and sent him to the finish ahead of me while I hopped out of the ring on one foot. Luckily I had already run Scoop  earlier in gamblers. We even got a Q, though I was certainly not trying; and he did his weaves in the ring two times!, in a pretty darn nice fashion. I had to scratch him the rest of the weekend while my husband Jim went on to run Ace for me, winning some more classes and racking up the Q’s.

I can’t run but I can stand around and train so Scoop and I trained Sunday night, yesterday and this morning on my new electronic A-frame. I was hoping for some training shortcuts with the “E-Frame”, but I don’t think I will find any. The entire yellow contact is active, and if Scoop leaves out a stride but still hits yellow, he gets beeped and so marked for an incorrect performance per my criteria. If he hits a half inch into the yellow he also gets the beep and I don’t want that behavior either. So while I love the E-frame, it is only going to do part of my training job of watching and marking Scoop’s correct frame performance.

I will try to get some video of where we are at up soon so you can see the progress.

I hope you find your chicken proteins while training  today, I am going out again to look for mine:)