serps and threadles

Scoop and I trained serps and threadles this morning, and I convinced Jim he had 10 minutes to film me before his classes started. While I am no moviemaker yet, I do think my little efforts are getting better, and if I keep filming myself  this often, my handling may eventually improve too:)

I hope you are taking the time to videotape some of your practice sessions with your pup, I think it is one of the most valuable learning tools that we have.



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  1. OOPS, somehow my comment was truncated. Your feedback will help me tremendously with my young border collie, Jazz. I can’t tell enough agility enthusiasts that your seminars are the best for working through issues and learning new skills. Thanks again, Maggie DiLullo and Jazz!!!!!

  2. Thank you for the videos you provide. And thank you for the agility seminar I attended for 4 days this past weekend in Oakmont,PA. You are a patient and astute teacher, tailoring your comments and help to each individual dog and handler team. I learned so much that will help me GREATLY

  3. I really enjoyed the training videos; thanks for posting them. And I have to add what a beautiful setting you have to train. Not that we don’t have beautiful areas in Nebraska but the hills in the background are really spectacular compared to Nebraska cornfields.

  4. Thanks Nancy – I loved the threadle/serp workshop at powerpaws and have been working it like mad. Teague says if i wasn’t ‘so late I was pregnant’ I’d be a lot more effective! But, I am getting better and filming myself does help a ton. You are sooooo smooth and quiet in your body – oh to be THAT handler :).

  5. Thanks for the videos. I always love watching you run your dogs; your timing is excellent and you never look like you’re scrambling to get to where you need to be. I watch in class and try to do what you do, but it’s hard to keep it in my head for very long; these videos will be very helpful!

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