poor Scoop

Scoop and I spent the day at the vet on Monday while he had his nose and throat scoped to check and see if he had a foreign body caught inside. Scoop started sneezing a few days prior and this was the second visit, this one to be definitive to determine what was causing the sneezing and snurfling he was and still is doing. He had a hard time with anesthesia, vomiting going in and coming out both. I almost regretted that my internist always lets me stay with my dogs for procedures, this was all a bit much and pretty scary to watch. The cool part was watching the actual scoping of the nose on the monitor. Good news bad news, no foreign body.

So why is he sneezing, and sort of wheezing a bit when he runs hard? Allergies are suspected, or he inhaled something that bothered him and while it is gone, he is still uncomfortable. He is on benadryl for a few days and no training for him this week.  I wish that was all that is wrong with him.  He was also jumping poorly on the weekend. I was at the usdaa trial and luckily there was a masseuse and a chiropractor on hand to work on him multiple times. That was on top of the three sessions he had with Dr. Wendy throughout the week to try to find where he was uncomfortable. There was no glaring pain, just some small adjustments. So why was he knocking bars and adding steps here and there?

No answers yet, but he has a couple weeks off now to see if any small issues resolve. In the midst of all this he got his USDAA AD on the weekend. I only ran him in the standard ring, and only after the body workers to say he was not in any discomfort. But he obviously is tight somewhere, most likely up in his head neck area which is where they concentrated some of their work. He had a nice standard run both days, hitting his frames, with great weaves and nice jumping.

I still took him for regular exercise after he recovered from the procedure. The mustard is in full bloom at my house, and the dogs love to run through the deep stuff.

I am headed to Minnesota today for World Team Tryouts. I will be back next week and I hope to find that Scoop is back to his normal bubbly self, but that the snurfling is all gone!

I hope that your novice dog is sound and healthy and you are busy training instead of sitting on the bench like we are.



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  1. I had a weird sneezing thing with my bc. Turned out to be a sheep bot that went up her nose! Ivermectin fixed it once they figured out what it was. Lots of inconclusive tests, lots of sneezing. The vet said she never had that before and found the idea in some old text book.

    • Wow, a sheep bot! I am not certain we have those in my area of California. Scoop was on benadryl for a few days, and now he is showing signs of possible infection. He goes on antibiotics today, and will get scoped a second time in a few days if there is no improvement:(


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  2. Oh, gee – sorry to hear Scoop is (was?!) ailing.
    Riff says “Be well, Scoop!”
    Riff is waiting for me to get over a pinched nerve / bulging disc in my back (which hit right after HauteTracs). Sadly, this apparently has a recovery period of “months.”
    We will miss watching you and Scoop at the early summer trials. Hope to be back in action soon, and to somehow scramble our way back into Scoop’s classes… xo Celeste and Riff

  3. My previous dog Lucy had issues like you describe. We thought it was adult onset allergies (my term as she’d never had these issues previously). However, they didn’t go away and her nose (her favorite body part) was quite goopy. After much testing and eliminating lots of ugly possibilites, it was decided that she had rhinitis. I felt badly for her as I’m sure it affected her ability to detect odors. I hope Scoop’s prognosis is good and he’s back to normal soon!

  4. Regarding the soreness — i don’t know if it’s a knee-jerk reaction on the west coast like it is on the east coast, but whenever my dog shows unexplained lameness, tightness or discomfort i immediately suspect the possibility of a tick-borne illness, either a new infection or the flareup of a chronic one (she’s particularly susceptible to anaplasmosis). Might be worth testing for if chiro doesn’t resolve the issue.

    • Thanks Mary,

      We don’t have nearly the tick problem in the west that you do in the east, but it is certainly not unheard of and I will keep it in mind. Thank you, Nancy

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  5. Hey Nancy,

    I feel so sad for you and Scoop, it seems the last year has been especially challenging. I hope and pray for a fun time for you in Minnesota and a speedy recovery for Scoop. I am always encouraged by your blog and appreciate your contribution to the agility community, even during discouraging times.


    Lori and BC Ricky Bobby

  6. My aussie was also sneezing. It was in the last part of March. Ahchoos, not the big nose-crinkled Choooos. It lasted about 2 weeks and I suspect that he picked something up at a match on the 20th. The vet and I concluded it was some type of virus. He is fine now. I didn’t think he had an obstruction because some years ago my dog snarfed a small twig up his nose and was snorting hard until it came out, luckily. Best to you and Scoop.

  7. Best wishes for a fun time with great luck at WTT. The skills, of course, are beyond question! Nose kisses to Scoopie. -Dev

  8. I’m so sorry to hear that. My dog has had similar problems over the last month and I just assumed it was allergies. I love watching Scoop run. Hopefully, he’ll be back to 100% health soon.

  9. Aww! Poor Scoop! Leda & I are thinking our very best thoughts for him. Here’s to Scoop’s sniffling and sneezing being a thing of the past and that he will not be sore or tight.
    By the way, congrats on the AD title!

    Safe travels out to MN for try-outs.
    Leda will wave her paw at you over the live-stream. :>)

    Best wishes!

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