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Scoop finally got a diagnosis today of his weird snurfling and sneezing, he has a creepy fungus called aspergillus. He will have to have a treatment where he is under anesthesia for about 90 minutes and he is infused with anti-fungal meds. He had his poor little nose and throat scoped today in every imaginable way as I watched the monitor and actually saw the fungal growth which was not present last time he was scoped.

This nasty fungus can actually get into the bones and so Scoop also had another xray to see that it was localized and had not gone further than the back of his nose. It hasn’t! There is still much I don’t know about this disease and the procedures for curing him. For now he can go for walks and play, but no agility. The fungus can be painful so I am also thinking it is the source of his uncomfortable jumping this past month.

This is short, gotta teach a class in 6 minutes! Here is the patient, who is now back home no worse for the wear it seems.

I hope you didn’t have to spend the day at the vet with your pup, but since mine did, I want to thank Dr. Helen Hamilton, Scoop’s internist, for all her great care and understanding as well as all her incredible knowledge and of course all those cool instruments!



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  1. I really appreciate this info! My Field Spaniel goes in this Thursday for the same procedure. Good luck with your lil’ guy!

  2. Aspergillosis is a common fungus, but we (along with dogs) are often untroubled by it. Several years ago, I thought my dog had it. After much testing, it was concluded that was not the case. My heart goes out to you and Scoop as I understand the treatments are not comfortable. I’m glad at last you know what you are dealing with and that Scoop is in good care. Keep us posted.

  3. How do they get that, Nancy? Is it just out in the environment? Why Scoop and not the other dogs? So glad you have a great internest and found out what it is right away. Hope Mr. Handsome Scoop gets better soon.

  4. Oh, poor Scoop! I am so sorry to hear about this awful fungus. I will be thinking the very best, most healing thoughts for your handsome boy.
    Please continue to keep us posted.

    Tara & Leda

  5. Scoop, sending you all the positive healing thoughts we can. Hoping for a very speedy and full recovery. Thinking of you both…Sandy

  6. Good wishes to Scoop. I am glad you have a diagnosis and can move forward. I hope he will be back to his old self soon,

  7. Thanks for all the nice thoughts everyone. Hope the photo didn’t scare anyone from ever dropping their dog off at the vet for a “simple procedure”! Looks scarier now than it did when I took it:)


  8. Nancy – a firm diagnosis is an important step! Best wishes to Scoop for an effective treatment and quick recovery. He’s lucky to have such a good “mom”.

  9. Hi Nancy,

    I am so sorry to hear about Scoop and his aspergillosis. It sounds like he is under excellent care and the fact that your vet has a firm diagnosis is a very good thing. I hope he does great with his treatment and is back ready to play soon. Hang in there. Let me know if there is anything I can do to help.


  10. Sounds similiar to Valley Fever we have here in the desert. Fungus can get anywhere in the dogs body. Blade is just getting over his, He has been down for 7 mos with a bone lesion caused by the fungus.

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