The past couple weeks have been all about searching. I have been prowling the internet searching for a design for a new website that will integrate this blog and do lots of other stuff my site can’t do right now. Hopefully this is the last post I will write on this WP format, and that seamlessly these posts will show up on my website.

I have been searching for the answer to Scoop’s continued discomfort in his rear, especially in his left hip area. More x-rays and even an MRI only told us that he really DOES have great hips, and his pelvis isn’t malformed or some such thing. So back to the nebulous soft tissue treatments. For now he does not even get to go for runs in the field, he is on leash walking which is driving him nuts and he is telling me vocally daily that he wants to DO something. I could be playing lots of little tricks and games, but sort of find a lack of inspiration other than keeping his brain engaged a bit. We are just treading water for now.

The search also continues to find the right level of anti-seizure medication for Panic. He was 11 two days ago, happy birthday P. He is also “Silvertips’ High Anxiety”. wonder what in the world I was thinking with those names?? The boy has naughty spots galore and I think I have a grey hair for each one of them.

I am off to teach a seminar here at the house today. LONG commute to work, hmmm, about a hundred feet I think:)

I hope you also have wonderful plans for your weekend which include playing with your agility dogs!


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  1. Nancy, when you say that Scoop has discomfort in his back hip, how does it show itself? My dog 2Do, who is related to Scoop by his father Yankee, sometimes gets up from resting by having his back leg tucked up. After a couple of steps, it seems to work itself out. I have taken him to different practitioners and no one can find a reason for this. I have recorded the times that this has shown itself and it is always after a long rest in a restricted space.(kennel, chair, dogbed) He is the kind of dog who doesn’t move when he rests and I am starting to think that it perhaps a legcramp or a kind or a kind of pins and needles situation. Still searching though, as are you.

  2. Nancy, is it possible that Scoop has one of the tick bourne illnesses? One of my clients has a flat coat who contracted a disease from fox ticks. It was easily fixed with the right antibiotics. Apparently, this is very rare but does show up from time to time in dogs.
    It must be very difficult and frustrating to be struggling with this medical mystery. I sure hope you find an answer soon.
    I really enjoy your blog.
    Catherine Thomas

    • the photo is of Panic, my speckly, naughty spot dog that just turned 11. He is the one that has or had seizures. The last one was 2 years ago thankfully. The medication however makes him wobbly, so we are hoping to either use less meds and have him remain seizure free, or to change meds if he does go back into seizure mode. One day down on the radical med change and so far so good!

      • Nancy – have you checked in with Dr. Jean Dodds recently? She did some links/research on seizures & thyroid. Might be worth a google search or even a call (she’s very accessible). She’ll probably ask for a CBC & a full thyroid panel and also to test the med levels similar to a titer.
        And I got shivers when I read Catherine’s post on tick borne illnesses – that could be the ailment if all the other tests / exams have come back clean.
        Hope all gets straight – off to see Rob for class tonight. Working on accel & decel and am having the time of my life re-training me so Morgan gets better! Feet are improving albeit incrementally too.
        Hugs – Margo & Morgan Fournier, Arvada CO

  3. My dog Tag is on three different anti-seizure medications, but the biggest improvement he has had has been from Herbsmith’s Gastrodia Settle Seizures. He went from having six seizures over two days per episode to two seizures in one day per episode. GSS is by prescription and my vet consults with the Herbsmith vet on this and other Chinese herbal remedies for other patients as well.

  4. Scoop is not having seizures, but even after two years he is still ataxic. (“moves like a drunken sailor”) We have reduced his meds again this week, but now he will be so far below a normal dose I am afraid he will have a seizure. I will be brave for now, but am considering trying something like the keppra suggested to see if that would be better. Luckily I have a wonderful internist that will help on these decisions.


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