Happy Holidays

The dogs and I are home alone today, enjoying a very quiet Christmas. Jim is with his family in Seattle and for a variety of reasons I decided to stay home. Our house sitter Joan was busy at her other job, and deep down I know I also wanted to stay away from my regular pilgrimage to Washington state and my family. With my Mother gone now, I was just not up to visiting siblings and driving right past our family home where strangers now reside.

Scoop and Ace and I are going out to train in the agility yard that is mine all mine today:) no guests, no classes, no students to share our space with today. Then I will take all 6 dogs on a long walk around our little 15 acre haven and enjoy the beautiful winter day.

Marcy took some goofy Christmas photos of us this week, and I learned a bit more about creating cards in photoshop while putting together our annual card. It was fun and I made quite a few versions as E-cards and a totally different one to print. Yeah, VERY late to put cards in the mail but I will get away with calling them New Years Cards! Even 15 year old Wicked obliged to hold still wearing a Santa hat long enough for her cute photo. She is almost totally deaf and blind and there is no way to tell her to stay, but she was so cute acting her usual silly self. Here are a couple photos that should have made the card.

I am looking forward to my husband Jim coming home so I can open up the Christmas presents hidden in his office. I *almost* wanted to open the edges of the wrapping paper and peek inside like I did as a kid, but I am resisting like the adult I am supposed to be! I hope that you are having a wonderful holiday with your family and your pups this year. Enjoy every moment, and never forget how short a time we have on this planet and with our precious friends and loved ones.

Happy Holiday and Best Wishes for a fabulous 2012!

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  1. Hello from Kadiolo, Mali, West Africa (the country where Timbuktu is) Hope your Christmas went well and Jim had a good time. Dogs here are treated so different it’s unbelievable. They are useful as guards only. When I try to explain “dog agility”, they just can’t see why I would want to do it. BUT… I really miss it. I’ll love to get back and run boB and start with Quix!!. I can’t wait.

    I ***LOVE*** the card, the dogs all look ADORABLE in their festive Santa hats. Wicked is just lovely and I like how Scoop was “too cool” to wear his hat the traditional way.

    I must commend your self-control on not diving into your presents before Jim got home. You must have been practicing your Leave It behavior. :>)

    Leda and I are REALLY looking forward to playing agility with you for a few days in Rochester, NY in Feb / March. WE MISS YOU! Leda can’t wait to show you her fancy-smancy Start-Line Stay!!! :>)))


    Tara & Leda in NY

  3. Wonderful post….and a great way to spend the holiday. Riff, Keeper and I had a nice hike at the quarries this morning. Best part of the day so far. love and hugs to you and yours!

  4. Merry Christmas Nancy! I had hoped to stay away from the computer today but I’m glad to have seen your post and cute card. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Happy Holidays Nancy! Wonderful photos of your furkids 🙂 I attended one of your seminars and so admire your gentle teaching style. I follow your career with enthusiasm and always root for your success. You are an inspiration to everyone, at all levels, who loves this sport.

    sheila and the Belgian Boys in Grants Pass, OR

  6. Thanks Nancy for posting on your wonderful blog. You reach out and touch strangers and become our friends. My little JRT Sprite and I thank you for sharing your thoughts with us as we embark on an agility adventure together. We are becoming a team that is thirsty for a deeper knowledge of agility training methods shared by those who possess this experience. Thank you for sharing your experiences with us.
    Merry Christmas!
    Maria Schmidt

  7. Ho, ho, ho, Nancy. Enjoy your day and have a wonderful, wonderful year. I am just about to take my golden family for a nice run at the park and then home to cook and enjoy visiting with the one of my three kids that made it home this year. I hope to see you and yours more in the coming year and want to thank you for all you do for our sport and us!

    Love, Pat

  8. Thank you for sharing your lovely sentiments and card. Wishing you all the best in the coming year!
    Lovingly from Beverly and the Pembrats Pack

  9. I was so happy to read your post Nancy, it is nice to let your heart rule your heart felt feelings about family sometimes. I too chose to say behind today, plan on training all by myself in this beautiful wather, it is such a much greater team work situation when I train alone. Merry Christmas, and many happy Best Wishes for the new year.

  10. Merry Christmas to you Nancy! I hope the rest of your holiday season is filled with bunches and bunches of loveliness. *lots of hugs* !

    • Tori,

      I hope you had a great day today too with your precious family. When I read about your Grandma on your blog I get to think of the two incredible Grandmas I had as a part of my life for so many years while growing up.

      Live it up kid!!


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