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I can hardly believe that Scoop will be three years old in a month. I want my lost year back! Ok, enough whining:) Scoop and I went to his first competition in almost a year and he did really well. No Q’s on day one, but on the second day he got his third open jumpers leg to finish the title and this weekend he will run in EX jumpers for the first time. His last time in the AKC ring was exactly a year ago, his 2nd open jumpers leg was on 2.12.2011, almost exactly one year between open jumpers legs!

Here is a video of the jumpers run and the EX standard Q we almost got till I dumped him in the weaves and had to pay for it with his departure.

Scoop is still getting weekly massages and last week he got one on both Friday and Saturday, Maybe that was why he was good on Sunday!

My student Mary VanWormer sent me a link to a really interesting article on why massage heals. I found it an eye opener and it has even more confirmed the need to have body work done on my dogs. I am now trying to adjust the time I spend working on Scoop myself so that I save time after training and not necessarily before. I really don’t think I can make time for both! Warm-up, stretch, train, then a least a little time devoted to massaging his tightest parts.

I hope our success continues and am really looking forward to this weekend instead of with the trepidation I have felt for so long on his progress.

I hope your youngster is right on track and that you make some time and same some money to spend on those valuable massages for your competition partner!


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  1. I have been reading your blog and following Scoop’s adventures since you got him. You must be thrilled to see him nimble and working with you so beautifully. He reminds me of my dog 2Do, also a Yankee pup who is big and powerful like Scoop. I am travelling to NY from Canada next week to attend your seminar and am really looking forward to working with you. Congratulations on you and Scoop’s journey.

  2. You both looked so good!! You can tell you two are happy to be running again. Massage is good, yes it is:-) Hugs.


  3. Oh Nancy How WONDERFUL to see you out there running Scoop! He looks GREAT!!! so happy for you! I am sure Scoop is ONE happy happy boy to be out there running again..

  4. Nancy,
    Beautiful runs! Nice to see you and Scoop out and running!!! There a couple of years I would like back also!!! Keep him running and in good shape! He looks wonderful and so do you!

  5. Very happy it is working for Scoop!
    Massage is truly an important component to keeping them sound and fit for a life of performance, competition and plain ole’ feeling great!

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