moving day

This is the last post to this Word Press site. We finally have a new website, Power Paws Agility and the blog is integrated there.

The new website has been a big project and certainly a learning curve for me. I have learned a lot about websites I never knew I would want to know. And I discovered that just because I knew how to make a post on a Word Press blog that that knowledge would certainly not qualify me to create a new Word Press website! I know just enough about the inner workings of websites to get myself into trouble with my web gurus while I am playing around making changes and making them crazy at the same time. Thanks to Terry and Nathan for helping get me started, but most sincere thanks of all to my new web genius Chris!!

I have lots of good stuff planned for the new site like more articles and videos and a store. So, don’t be a stranger, come drop by and leave a comment on the blog if you like the pretty new digs:)

Thanks for reading,


PS: all the old blog posts have been moved over to the new site so you don’t have to search here if you are looking for an older post

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    • We have moved over everyone who signed up to the new blog, so if you already asked to follow me you will still get a notification of a new post.

      Thanks for asking!


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