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  1. Woof,

    This message is for VIDs – Very Important Dogs

    Note: This email is just for dogs. No cats allowed! If you are near a cat, act like you are chasing a ball and get away from the cat as quickly as possible. This is for your eyes only.

    We’ve created the ultimate video for dogs by dogs that we want to share with you and all your ruff and tuff friends. The video goes over a quick solution to a common stress that weighs on dogs’ shoulders daily. If you have ever peed on your master’s floor, raise a paw. If you felt shame, embarrassment, energy loss, or fatigue then watch the attached video. There is hope for you, for me, and for all dogs alike!

    Check out “I’m a Puppy and I Pee” here: http://www.youtube.com/user/HartzPets

    And be sure to tell all of your friends at the doggy park and blog about this “solution” and tell them to like our Facebook or follow us on Twitter to receive a free sample of Hartz® Home Protection™ Training Pads.

    Be sure to bark a reply at me if you have any questions and want your own sample of Hartz® Home Protection™ Training pads.

    Hartz® Pets

    I’m sending you this email as part of an advertising campaign on behalf of Hartz®. If you don’t want to get emails like these from me, just reply to me and let me know — I’ll make sure you don’t receive them anymore from us. You can also write me a letter at 2030 1st Ave., Suite 300, Seattle, WA 98121.

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